Some helpful words and advice about pet bereavement

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Pet bereavement can be the most difficult time in any pet owners experience. But, unfortunately our pets do not live as long as we do.

In fact, compared with us they live relatively short lives and although we realise this, nevertheless when the time comes to say goodbye, all of us who value pets will experience feelings and emotions of grief. Euthanasia is something no pet owner likes to dwell on, but sadly it is a decision many pet owners eventually have to face.

Taking responsibility for a pain-free, peaceful death is the kindest act an owner can do for a much-loved pet.

How does euthanasia work?

Euthanasia is carried out by gently injecting an overdose of anaesthetic into a vein in the animal’s front leg. This process is painless and very quick. On occasions a sedative is given to relax the animal.

Some owners like to stay with their pets during this time, others prefer not to. There is no right or wrong decision, only what is best for you and your pet. If you wish you can have the opportunity to be alone with your pet for a few minutes afterwards to say goodbye and some people like to keep a lock of hair to remember their pet.

What happens after pet euthanasia?

It can be difficult to think about what to do with your pets body following euthanasia. Some people choose to bury their pets at home. The clinic employs the service of a private pets crematorium in Surrey who will collect your pet from us. It is possible to have your pets ashes returned in a casket to keep, or a container for scattering. Should you decide to have your pet cremated but do not want ashes back, they will be scattered in the cemetery garden of remembrance.

We hope this information goes some way to make a painful time a little more bearable. The Paws Inc. vet clinic team are always here to provide support through this difficult time.

Please call us at a our Fulham vet clinic on 0207 381 3939 if you would like further help or information.

We also provide a ‘Loss of your pet’ CD which deals with the grieving process and provides information on help lines and support systems available.

Extra help with pet bereavement is always available

Pet Bereavement Support Service is a telephone helpline which offers support to bereaved pet owners 08000 966 606. You can also contact them by email:

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