Our veterinary services

Paws Inc. offer the following veterinary services


Dental care is an extremely important area of pet care. The clinic is equipped with modern dental machinery and tools to help maintain your pets dental health.

At our Fulham vet clinic we have a separate dental suite with a specialised dental table, dental x-ray and state of the art dental machine. Ultrasonic scaling, polishing and drill equipment is used daily by the trained veterinary staff to help alleviate common dental problems. This is supported by our dental consultations to help you care for your pets teeth at home.

In-house laboratory

We have a well equipped in house laboratory, which allows us to process blood samples quickly and easily – very important for a critically ill patient when we need information fast. Blood analysers allow us to check a wide range of organ functions such as liver, kidney, pancreas, red and white blood cells and vital electrolyte balances. Results are usually available within 20 minutes.

Diabetic monitoring is routinely performed by the veterinary nurses with the aid of our glucometer machines. These machines can give a blood sugar result in 30 seconds, with only a tiny amount of blood sample needed.

We are able to perform other routine laboratory tests other than blood tests, with the use of our microscope. For example, microscopy can be performed on urine samples to check for a number of problems, such as bacterial infections, crystals and stones, or on skin scrapes to check for mite infestations and infections. We can also look at blood smears to give us more in depth information about blood cells, and help us to rule out diseases, or make a diagnosis.

Surgery and anaesthesia

Our Fulham vet clinic has a dedicated surgical ward, with separate pre-operative preparation areas and sterile operation theatre. This enables surgical operations to be carried out with a high level of sterility, helping to combat the risk of post operative secondary infections.

Patients can recover in a comfortable and warm environment, under the care and monitoring of our highly trained veterinary nurses. All our staff maintain a high level of on going training in nursing and theatre procedures, ensuring the best veterinary care possible for your pet. We also have separate dog and cat wards to minimise stress of our in-patients and ensure a speedy recovery.

Our vet clinic follows gold standard anaesthetic protocols, which means we offer the safest anaesthetic procedure possible for your pet. All anaesthetics carry an element of risk, but by using the most up to date products available to us, along with modern anaesthetic equipment and highly trained staff, we can offer the highest standard of care. Our equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced by independent specialists. Precision instruments are used during anaesthesia which can measure blood pressure, oxygenation levels, breathing rates, and heart and pulse rates, which are recorded and monitored by the veterinary nurses. These protocols help to ensure the patient has a smooth anaesthetic and a swift recovery.

Diagnostic imaging

The Dawes road clinic is equipped with a specialised digital x-ray machine, vital for imaging internal organs and bones. A fully automated x-ray film processor allows us to quickly develop high quality x-ray images.

We also have the benefit of up-to-date ultrasonography equipment, with 2 separate ultrasound probes. This enables detailed internal imaging of internal organs and soft tissue structures of a sick or injured pet.

House calls

Paws Inc. has its very own animal ambulance, enabling us to do house visits and pet collections should they be required.

These vet services need to be booked in advance, please contact our Fulham vet clinic for further information.