Cat Hotel Accommodation

Our range of hotel suites for your cat

The Suites

price starting at £45.00 per night

In the West Wing we have two luxury suites Kensington and Chelsea, with three levels these suites are ideal for pampered singles and cuddly couples that would benefit from being in a less social, quieter environment.

The Bungalows

price starting at £30.00 per night

In the East wing we have two suites Belgravia and Westminster, single level suites with a raised platform for sleeping. Reserved exclusively for cats with reduced mobility or those that require medical supervision.

Highrise suites

price starting at £25.00 per night

Situated on the ground floor are the high rise suites Bayswater, Bloomsbury, Chiswick, Hyde Park, Maida Vale, Regent, Richmond, St James', St John's Wood, Wimbledon. The High rise suites offer 4 levels, perfect for single cats and cuddly couples.